• Ron Jacques

    Ron Jacques


    Ron is the owner of the business and keeps the online machine running behind the scenes. He's always thinking about that next great idea. While most of the crew is working on summer tans, Ron is pushing buttons and pulling knobs to make sure your online buying experience is a breeze. When he's not racer chasing his kids on the hill, he can be seen ripping up the mountains all over western Maine. He prides himself in getting in as many days on the hill as possible. Who can argue with that? Not us.

    Web Design / Sales
  • Nolan Dubord

    Nolan Dubord

    Master Boot Fitter

    Nolan is our top-notch boot fitter. He is a graduate of MasterFit U and operates his own custom insole business, Foot Force. Nolan has traveled and worked in the ski industry from Maine to Alaska and everywhere in between. He has been with us off and on since the late 1990's. Nolan knows how to make your feet feel just right in a ski boot, hockey skate, or running shoe. He can also help you with choosing the right clothing or wax and tuning supplies. He is the weekend in-store sales connection at the shop.

    Customer Service / Sales
  • Paul Turnbull

    Paul Turnbull

    Paul is another long time member of the team. Paul heads up the back shop and excels at knowing all of the products we sell. He's a man of few words, but knows what he talking about. Paul is our go-to guy for backwoods hiking and tree skiing questions. Paul is another "do everything" guy at the shop. He prefers to be in the back shop, but will always be there to answer any question you have. In the summer months he can be found instructing water skiing or taking part in an archeological dig in the middle of nowhere.

    Tech. Service & Sales
  • Doreen Richard

    Doreen Richard

    Doreen (aka "Dodo") is our accounts payable specialist. As the longest running member of our team, she keeps our financial affairs in order. She grew up living on the local ski slope, skiing off the front porch onto the hill every day. She is a ski racing legend in these parts. To this day, she is one of the most beautiful skiers to watch on the hill. In her spare time Dodo loves to garden, hike, bike, kayak, and anything else for outdoor fun. She is also a great cook and photographer.

    Accounts / Office Mgr.
  • Christen

    Office Manager

    Christen is the "calm during the storm" of our customer service department.  She has two degrees, one in Business Administration with a minor in Supervision as well as a degree in Early Childhood Education. Her organizational skills are unmatched and she rounds out the team perfectly. She has a great sense of humor (she has to with our crew). She enjoys traveling during the summer and spending time with her family.

    Customer Service
  • Stacey Rose

    Stacey Rose

    Stacey (aka "Erlon") is our IT department. Stacey keeps our computer and communications system up and running. He is an accomplished ski racer and coach. His passion is ski racing In which he has helped his son and many others reach their potential. He doesn't work in the shop with customers, but he can be seen on the hill several nights a week and every weekend. To relax, he tunes skis and looks forward to next season.

    Communications / IT
  • Amy Korhonen

    Sales Associate / Customer Service

    Amy is our go to girl on the hill and weekends at the shop. Her fashion sense and ability rip down the mountain with the best of the best go hand in hand. Her daughter Madison is sure to follow in her tracks. When Amy isn't on the hill or in the shop she likes to spend a little time in the kitchen perfecting her cheeseburger soup and visiting her good friend Gretchen.

    Sales Associate / Customer Service