Buying Guide for Ski Wax



For skiers who want to maintain their skis over time and glide at top speeds, regular waxing is essential. When purchasing wax, you have to think about what you want to get out of your maintenance. If you want a wax that will help to harden your base and provide average performance on most surfaces then hydrocarbon wax is the way to go. Hydrocarbon wax is the hardest wax that doesn’t contain fluorocarbons that provides the ultimate waxing experience. High-flouro and low-flouro waxes don’t last as long, but in high-humidity weather and snow conditions they provide the fastest glide. For racers, this is a way to gain the valuable hundredths of a second that make a huge difference.

The Swix wax system is very easy to use. Based on optimum temperatures, products are offered as 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, and 12. For example, CH-8 is a hydrocarbon wax that will run well in low-humidity conditions between 25 and 34 degrees Fahrenheit. 3 is the coldest wax and 10 is the warmest wax. To get the perfect wax call every time, use the Swix Wax Wizard to pick the perfect wax.

One of the extreme high performance products that we offer is called Cera-F. SwixCera F products are not “waxes,” but 100% fluorinated carbons. The raw material is of the purest quality specifically synthesized for racing bases. SwixCera F is available as a powder, a liquid and a solid (Turbo). World cup racing technicians use a winning combination of SwixCera F with SwixCera Nova waxes.        

Another Swix wax is HF Black Wolf. HFBW Waxes contain solid lubricants. Swix HFBW waxes have proven to work well on old, coarse-grained snow, dirty snow, and abrasive manmade snow. The snow crystals of old, coarse-grained snow have few asperities that can easily yield to ski movement. At low temperatures when the lubricating liquid water layer is poorly developed, the deformation of the snow crystal is slow, which means that the snow is hard and not as slippery resulting in higher friction. Dirty snow that contains particles other than ice causes an increase in friction because the particles have not developed a lubricating layer of water. Manmade snow being made up of ice particles rather than natural snow crystals also can increase friction.

The simplest product that Swix makes is called F4. Swix F4 Universal Glide Waxes are for skiers and riders who don't have the time or inclination for ironing and scraping. The Swix F4 system offers excellent performance, and it's easy to rub on and polish. The unique base bonding capability of fluorocarbons contained in the F4 waxes causes the wax to stay on the base much longer than other paste waxes. Swix F4 Wax is available as a paste, liquid and hard wax.

Swix Wax Irons

Swix ski wax irons are the most precise, reliable irons on the market.  We carry different types of irons depending on your budget and how much precision you require. Our top of the line iron, the Swix Digital 110 Volt Iron, is incredibly precise and has a digital gauge that allows you to control the temperature to the degree. The less expensive an iron is, the less precise it will be. We also carry a Swix Iron Cover, a great accessory if you need to take your iron on the go to prevent any damage and keep the plate clean.

Swix Wax Tables

As anyone who has tuned skis knows, a poor tuning bench is the worst. That’s where the Swix waxing tables come in. No longer does it take an entire room to set up for tuning—Swix wax tables are light, portable, and sturdy wherever you need them. The more expensive that a table is, the more lightweight and sturdy the material will be. If you’re on a budget, the less expensive wax tables will still get the job done!

Swix Wax Vises

Swix makes the best ski vises in the world and we also carry options for all budgets. We carry both ski and snowboard vises that are versatile, portable, and stable to help you keep your skis in top shape.